Ali Hansen


I love being a part of a team setting where I can help make a difference in people’s lives; I live to serve others. I also am a true believer in the Envision Fitness because they have taken me from injured to a level of fitness I had never thought I could have achieved. I want others to feel confident and stronger than ever, just as I did.

I have overcome a long-term major injury that changed my life all thanks to the help of the Envision Fitness Team.

I grew up in Burnaby and have played back catcher in softball all of my life. After being injured and not able to resume previous employment I have more recently gone back to school and completed the Human Resources Program at British Columbia Institute of Technology.

I don’t consider myself a runner but I’ve completed three half marathons (Nike Women’s and Seawheeze x 2). In 2016 I also completed my first Tough Mudder!

I parallel She-Hulk in her superhuman strength and durability. Under most circumstances, I can control my emotions but I can at times become enraged; in these moments my SheHulk strength takes over.