What is Fit in 42 ?

Fit in 42 is an innovative 6-week program designed to help you achieve life-changing results in 42 days. You work out and eat right for 42 days straight. We help you build new habits.

Why is the program 42 days?

Our goal is to help you to create lifelong habits. To do that we offer a nutrition and fitness program designed specifically for you. After 42 days of extreme accountability, support and a ton of fun we find clients addicted to their new habits and loving the results.

What do I get?

  • An evaluation where we discuss your fitness goals and test your current health and abilities
  • You get the chance to work harder, smarter and better than you ever have before
  • A personalized meal plan with real food! We even take our Fit in 42ers grocery shopping!
  • Daily support from coaches and the other fit in 42er’s. An online forum for support from home, daily in person accountability, support and recipe ideas.
  • Brand new workouts every day to keep you interested, motivated and your body guessing.