“By no means have I ever considered myself an athlete. As a youngster, I was active and found myself drawn into sports for the social dynamic and I enjoyed moving for the simple pleasure of being a kid – I was always eager to move.

Into my teenage years, my focus shifted elsewhere…I gradually started feeling a disconnection from that active youngster I once was.

Going into my early to mid-twenties, I was completely inactive and the sedentary lifestyle started setting in. I was supposed to be in my prime but boy, was I far from that! I knew I needed and wanted to change my lifestyle but time and time again I failed with my half-hearted attempts to gain control of my life. Each time I was defeated, I felt further and more distant from where I wanted to be. I gradually let myself go and that kid that used to love moving around was no longer within me.

Into my mid 20’s I was in a high-speed collision which left me with back and hip problems that I still deal with to this day. This was by far my #1 excuse to avoid everything but sitting on the sofa. Let me tell you – I was a mess! No work, obese, in pain and depressed. I felt like I was trapped in a perpetual nightmare and close to insanity living the same day over again.

At 30 years old I felt like hit rock bottom and that did not sit well with me.

I was at the tipping point and needed to find a permanent resolution. I changed my approach and used a different approach this time around. I made a long term goal and planned for a lifestyle change – no more unrealistic fad diets paired with a weighed down attitude because where was that really getting me? It was unrealistic to deprive myself and try to operate off of a low-calorie diet. If I’m supposed to feel fit and healthy, why was I feeling weak and ill? It was not a realistic sustainable way to live.

I was determined! One day at a time, one goal at a time and one meal at a time. I kept my target in sight. Setting small goals and achieving them is what drove me. Once I obtained my goal, I set a new one which challenged me but was within reach. Yes, I was eager to get out of my slump – but this time around I was in no rush.
I kept reminding myself that my lifestyle and active daily living were going to get me out of my rut and for good this time. I wasn’t trying to look good for the summer or for that beach vacation so I could whip off my shirt and say “HEY! Ladies!” I was in this for the long term; the longevity, quality of living and truly enjoying things without the excess weighing me down. I was getting fit for LIFE! Now being 55lbs lighter; I am full of energy!!

I do this because I am essentially that same kid who loved to move, run, jump and play on the bars! The gym is my playground and I am back baby!!’

“Let’s grow”- Coach Erick